SGP Online Payment Solutions

SecureGlobalPay is a well-established, Merchant Services provider with over 25 years experience assisting Merchants of all categories, shapes and sizes. 
They provide payment processing solutions and state-of-the-art financial technologies to Fortune 500 Companies, Franchises, Well- Established Businesses, Start-Ups, Retail, Hospitality, Online, Mobile as well as Harder-to-place Higher Risk Businesses.
Their experienced sales professionals operate various business units, dedicated to specific industry segments and business verticals. This unique approach provides merchants the absolute best products & services to help facilitate their specific business needs.

We have a close, long standing relationship with SecureGlobalPay, and are able to assist you with understanding what solution you might need and also helping with integration of your custom payment gateway.

Industries Served:

  • High Risk Merchant Accounts

  • Business-to-Business

  • Retail Payment Processing

  • Restaurant Processing

  • Mobile Service Professionals

  • Utilities & Communications

  • Non-Profit & Religious

  • Automotive Industries

  • Healthcare

  • Government & Municipalities

  • Resorts & Hotels

  • Tradeshows

  • iPad Solutions

  • Event Ticketing

  • Salon Payments

  • Online Directories